Q​​uick Facts About Rickerson Pipe Lining's Pipe

We have teamed up with                                                          for our High Performance & Corrosion Protective 1” pipe for your injection, producing and Disposal Wells.  Here are the FACTS about our product:

  • Our Steel is made in the USA and is rolled every two weeks.  This means we can get our raw material quicker than imported pipe so we can produce our Fiber-lined and Un-lined Wheatland 1” pipe for our customers.

  • Our Steel is API 5L A25 which is a full-body normalized by the nature of its continuous weld manufacturing process. There is no untempered martensite present in Wheatland material. With our pipe you are assured of not having any martensitic type structure in the weld area. Samples of imported pipe were inspected showed the presence of untempered martensite.

  • Our Steel generally has a thicker wall than A53. Heavier walls mean better strength and durability of the product for down-hole applications. In a corrosive environment the additional wall thickness combined with our corrosion protective Fiber-Lining means your pipe will last Longer.

  • Some imported pipe has an ID weld seam which is not generally accepted in oil and gas applications. Weld seams tend to be an area that is susceptible to corrosion attack and this is amplified when the scarf is not fully removed. The continuous weld manufacturing process that Wheatland uses means that there is no weld bead on the ID or OD. Combining this with our Fiber-Lining we are the only match to beat Corrosion.

  • The mill hydrotest our API A25 material to a pressure of 2470 psi. The test pressure on A53 Gr. B is much lower at only 700 psi.

  • Rickerson Pipe Lining is proud to use Wheatland steel because their facility is API certified, UL Listed, FM Approved among many other certifications for the highest quality standards. They have the only Continuous Weld (CW) mill in the western hemisphere and are therefore the only producer that can make this unique product for the market.

  • Wheatland steel combined with our fiber-lining plus our heat bonded Epoxy coated collars is the Perfect Defense Against Corrosion.


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