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Our exclusive Sharon Wt55 pipe directly from Rickerson Pipe Lining or your local oil flied supplier. Our exclusive pipe is made just for our customers in the USA. our steel is melted & made in the USA. We have worked with the mill to create this new product Exclusively for Rickerson PIpe Lining.OUR NEW EXCLUSIVE SHARON WT55 pipe’s yield(stretch) strength is doubled than our previous 1" products. Our new pipe’s yield(stretch) strength meets more than the minimum requirements for J55. Our 1" Unlined and Fiber Lined are available in 25 foot lengths. ALL OF OUR PIPE AND COLLARS ARE CNC PRECISION THREADED ONSITE. THIS INSURES A PERFECT MATCH EVERY TIME. EVERY THREAD IS CHECKED TO API STANDARDS. 


Exclusive Fiber-Lined Pipe

Our Fiber-Lined pipe is long-lasting, extremely strong and very flexible.  The lining has an amazing bond to the pipe with a "glass-like" finish that reduces the friction.  This pipe will make it possible to pump oil in the most corrosive of environments.  Our epoxy coated collars combined with our Fiber-Lined pipe makes for the perfect defense against corrosion in the oil field. 

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