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    Injection Wells using 1” Rickerson Pipe Linings Fiber-lined pipe


Environmentally, leak prevention is the name of the game. This system ensures the integrity of its components and provides immediate feedback on the condition of the well unit. A simple solution that saves time, money and helps protect the environment. The economic benefits come from the longevity of the products used. Since all the components are corrosion resistant and sealed as a unit, the life span of the unit is increased many times.


Our system:


  • New wells should be washed out.

  • Existing wells should be reamed out to remove any scale or build up on the casing walls and washed.

  • A packer, made of brass or stainless steel, is placed within 50 feet of the top perforation or top of the injection formation.

  • On shallow wells a hook-wall packer should be used. On deeper wells a set-down packer would be an option. Once the packer is installed and the fiber-lined pipe is in place, the casing is filled with corrosion inhibiting fluid. One recommended fluid is PAC-R-CHEM 3 made by National Petrochem.

  • The well is then sealed at the top with a swage and a stuffing box. A pressure gauge is installed on the swage, this allows for instant verification of a leak in the system. After sealing, 10 psi of air pressure should be applied to the well casing. A loss of pressure would indicate a leak in the casing pipe. More importantly, if a leak developed in the injection components, a rise in pressure inside the well casing would be visible immediately on the pressure gauge.

  • Bottom of packer set within 50 feet of top perforation or top of injection zone.


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Rickerson Pipe Lining

Fiber-Lined Pipe

The Problem:

Injection wells must handle fluids that are highly corrosive to steel pipe.


The Solution:

The use of Rickerson Pipe Lining’s Fiber-Lined Pipe inside a sealed well casing pipe filled with corrosion resistant fluid can virtually end maintenance and the potential environmental hazard that a leak would cause. Also, with our system any leak is immediately obvious to the well operator.

The use of the Fiber-Lined Pipe with the epoxy coated collar makes our pipe highly resistant to corrosion.

Used as the injection pipe in a well, where the outer well casing has been cleaned and filled with corrosion inhibiting fluid, you get a well unit with an indefinite life span, and extremely low risk of developing a leak. As an additional benefit, the operator gets immediate feedback if there is any failure in the well system.

This is a simple solution that saves time, money and helps protect the environment.


Pressure gauge is for monitoring well                                                                                                                          casing pressure  NOT injection pressure.



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Rickerson Pipe Lining

Fiber-Lined Pipe

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