NEW Pipe Protectors


Dear Customers,

We are committed to providing innovative oilfield products that exceed your expectations. We have been protecting the inside of the pipe from corrosion with our Fiber-lining and epoxy coated collars. We have developed a NEW way to protect the outside of the pipe and collars. Our NEW Pipe Protectors will guard the outside of the 1” pipe from rubbing the inside of the casing with a

high wear and self-lubricating material. Our goal has always been to protect the pipe. With our Fiber-lining and Pipe Protectors we are NOW able to protect the whole pipe inside out.


Brock Rickerson

This is a piece of our Fiber-lined that was pulled from a well.

You can clearly see on the top where the steel has

worn from rubbing on the casing. 

*The middle picture has been cleaned up to show the Fiber-lining and the Steel better.*

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